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What is the Aggie Athletic Club?
The original Aggie Booster Club was founded in 1940 and has evolved, with various names over the years, into the present Aggie Athletic Club.  Aggie Athletic Club raises support for all 17 men and women intercollegiate sport teams at New Mexico State University. The Aggie Athletic Club provides benefits and access only available to members based on membership levels.

Where does my money go?
When members join the Aggie Athletic Club, gifts are deposited in the Aggie Excellence Fund which gives our student-athletes and coaches the ability to pursue our vision of becoming one of the premier mid-major athletic departments in the country.

How do I get parking for football and men's basketball games?
Contact the Aggie Athletic Club at 575-646-5151575-646-5151.  Starting at $100 you can purchase a membership that will provide you a parking permit for both football and men's basketball.  You will also receive other benefits such as a small gift, invites to AAC events, e-mail updates.  Most importantly your contribution enhances the collegiate experience for all student-athletes providing them opportunities to excel in the classroom and in their sport.

How do I make a donation to the Aggie Athletic Club?
Gifts can be made online(CLICK HERE), via phone by calling the Aggie Athletic Club staff at 575-646-5151, by mail using a downloaded form, or in person by visiting the Aggie Athletic Club Office in the Fulton Athletics Center at 1815 Wells Street, Las Cruces, NM 88003.

Are contributions to Aggie Athletic Club tax deductible?
Yes.  Gifts go through the New Mexico State University (NMSU) Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3, which issues an official tax receipt to the donors.

Per IRS regulations, all memberships offering premium seating may only be deducted at 80% after the value of benefits is subtracted.  All donations to Aggie Athletic Club membership fall within this regulation and will be receipted from the NMSU Foundation accordingly.

Aggie Athletic Club members have the option to decline all benefits.  By declining benefits a donor gives up the right to all benefits provided for that membership including parking and Aggie Athletic Club seating for men's basketball and football.  A donor declining all benefits will be receipted at 100% charitable.

Can gifts be restricted to a specific sport?
Gifts made to Aggie Athletic Club support all 17 men and women intercollegiate sport teams at New Mexico State University.  Donors can also support specific athletic teams or their booster clubs, which is separate from Aggie Athletic Club and does not qualify for Aggie Athletic Club benefits.

Are there payment plans and options available?
When making an online contribution, donors may select the option on the giving form to "schedule payments". Recurring donations may be scheduled on a monthly basis over a one year term. For a longer term gift or customized arrangements, please contact the Aggie Athletic Club staff to discuss options available through pledging, endowments, or other methods.

What is premium seating for football and men's basketball?
Premium seating is considered the best seating in Aggie Memorial Stadium or Pan American Center.  Aggie Athletic Club is developing programs for both football and men's basketball where our members will have an opportunity to purchase seats in these special sections.  Football premium seating is scheduled to occur in the 2015-2016 season.  Men's Basketball will have premium seating for the 2014-2015 season.  In past years Men's Basketball had a 'per seat' donation but for 2014-2015 we will be changing the format and will keep you updated and informed as soon as we are ready to roll out the new program.

How do I improve my seat location?
Our ticket office can assist you with changing or upgrading your seats, contact their office at 575-646-1420.

When is my annual membership contribution due each year?
The Aggie Athletic Club operates on an annual membership basis, with renewals happening on the anniversary date of the membership.

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